Randy’s leadership in the Steel Detailing industry has helped to edify and strengthen the skills of countless detailers. His knowledge and skills have helped me become a better detailer and checker.

Nicholas Coffee - Owner / Checker / Estimator at United Structural LLC

I  filled the position much more quickly than I anticipated. I have received many good resumes from the Steel-Link ad…and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.

David Hunt - Executive VP The Berlin Steel Construction Company

Please stop our new ad as we hired a detailer this afternoon! Our ad only had to run 24 hours on Steel-Link to find a highly qualified individual…a testimony to your great web site.

Bob Dennis - Dennis Steel, Inc.

Steel-Link has always been a medium to create jobs worldwide and I am one of those that benefited from it. I have worked for some clients from US who have seen my resume thru steel-link.

Richard Deonio - Civil Engineer / Steel Detailing Manager

Randy has been a key component in bringing together literally thousand’s of Steel Detailers and Fabricators. I have gotten many new customers thanks to Randy’s networking skills along with making many friends and opening up all that is going on in Steel work, from work to Design and most importantly, solutions. Everyone knows Randy. If you don’t then you’re not networking correctly. You can ask Randy for help with that.

Tim Quinn - Structural Steel Detailer